Difox HQ UV (0) digital 46 BASIC

Difox HQ UV (0) digital       46 BASIC
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Χρόνος Παράδοσης: 4 - 7 Ημέρες
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Difox HQ UV (0) digital 46 BASIC


This fine- weather filter absorbs disturbing UV rays and grants brilliancy and well-balanced colors to your shots avoiding excessive bluishness. Highly recommended when taking pictures in areas with very pure air (mountains or sea) and as permanent lens protector.

High quality (HQ) filters offer passionate photographers great quality at a reasonable price. An anti-reflective coating is applied to each surface of the filter to increase light transmission and to suppress reflections.

DIFOXfilters are designed by the leading and internationally well-known glass manufacturer from Japan, whose long experience in this field guarantees you the highest quality standards of high- performance imaging.

- Filter size: 46 mm

DIFOX filters are available in three different quality grades:


Quality coated, colour-neutral filters made of tempered glass.
Perfect lens protection at low prices.


Excellent multicoated filters which are dirt, grease and water resistant.
For more brilliant colours and higher contrast.


For more advanced photographic needs, we recommend the HIGH GRADE series of digitally multicoated filters.
Made of special glass, this series of filters stands for outstanding quality and professional results.

UV FilterYes
Diameter (mm)46
Neutral ColourYes