Sony SCTF20 Style Cover Touch Mist blue for Xperia X Compact

Sony SCTF20 Style Cover Touch Mist blue for Xperia X Compact
Μάρκα: Sony
Κωδικός Προϊόντος: 66241523
Χρόνος Παράδοσης: Άμεσα Διαθέσιμο
15,00€ Καθαρή Αξία: 12,10€
Ποσότητα: Καλάθι
Sony SCTF20 Κάλυμμα Λευκός (Άσπρος)

No need to flip
Close the cover and keep on using your phone

Style Cover Touch SCTF20 makes using your phone easy while it’s being protected. The front cover is see-through, so you can see and use your entire display even when the flap is closed. Launch apps, browse the web, take a selfie, answer a call or type messages through this touch-sensitive cover.

Complementary looks
A cover tailored to match Xperia X Compact

Style Cover Touch SCTF20 and Xperia X Compact have been crafted by the same designer, so they work in perfect harmony with one another. Like the phone, this cover has the same endless “loop surface” design for ultimate comfort and elegance. It also comes in a matching range of colours, so instead of hiding your phone, the cover celebrates and complements its best bits.

It’s all in the details
Style Cover Touch SCTF20 exudes quality in every detail. Its luxurious microfiber-suede lining defends against scratches. The cover wraps snuggly around your phone with a premium silicon back that sits smoothly in your hand.
Τύπος θήκηςΚάλυμμα
Χρώμα προϊόντοςΛευκός (Άσπρος)
Συμβατότητα μάρκαSony
ΥλικόΘερμοπλαστική πολυουρεθάνη (TPU)
Χαρακτηριστικά προστασίαςΑδιάβροχο
Πλάτος69,5 mm
Βάθος13,6 mm
Ύψος129,9 mm
Βάρος43 g